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Fargo Admits Error Created Hundreds of Foreclosures and Bankruptcies

Wells Fargo admitted last week that a calculation error involving a mortgage underwriting tool caused over 620 customers to being incorrectly refused modifications to make their loans more affordable. In the majority of these cases, the customers were forced into foreclosure and/or bankruptcy. The flaw in the underwriting tool was found in an internal [...]


Avoiding Predatory Lenders (Pt. 2)

Predatory lending is an unfortunate reality. These lenders count on the ignorance and naïveté of consumers, constantly looking for ways to make your money their money. Don’t let it happen. The first step toward protecting yourself and your family is to know a predatory lender when you see one. Here are a few signs [...]


Types of Predatory Loans

We’ve previously discussed ways to determine if you’re being approached by a predatory lender. So where can we find these guys? Short-term predatory loans are everywhere. They are easy to find, require very little to qualify and, almost across the board, incredibly dangerous to the average consumer. They target largely low-income customers who need a [...]


Avoiding Predatory Lenders

Getting out of debt can be a nightmare. However, consumers can avoid these situations by never getting into a compromising situation to begin with. Predatory lending practices are one of the major causes of bloated consumer debt. They are a black hole, causing borrowers to get in way over their heads and often leading to [...]


Predatory Lending Association

Nearly anyone on the cusp of filing bankruptcy can tell you that the content on the Predatory Lending Association is no more than a stone's throw from the truth .  Read it and you will laugh so that you don't cry. The site offers tools that would be coveted by any predatory lender such as [...]