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Bankruptcy Attorney Portland OR

Portland, Oregon

Our firm helps people with debt problems file bankruptcy in the Portland, Oregon metro area.  We have made it our business to understand bankruptcy law so that we can help you make smart decisions. We have been helping people with bankruptcy problems since 2000. All three of our attorneys have lived and practiced in Portland for decades. We can help you get back on your feet so you can get on with your life.

2225 NE Alberta, Suite A
Portland OR 97211

2225 Northeast Alberta, Suite A, Portland, OR 97211



Pay Most of Your Fees After Filing
Northwest Debt Relief is likely the only law firm in Portland that allows you to pay most of your attorney and filing fees in monthly installments after your case is filed and you are safely under the protection of the Bankruptcy Court! Kill garnishments and quickly stop creditors rather than needlessly wait around for months on end. Other firms offer “installment plans” where they don’t file a thing until your case is completely paid off. We offer the real thing.

Free Help Cleaning Up Your Credit After Your Bankruptcy is Done
About two years ago, we finally realized that our clients were not filing bankruptcy in order to eliminate debt but to really get back in the financial mainstream. We decided at that time to really take a holistic approach to bankruptcy.  We realized our clients don’t just want to stop the financial bleeding, they want to participate economically just like anyone else. To that end, we hired a company to help all our clients with lessons and materials to help them really achieve a meaningful fresh start. This service is offered at no additional charge.

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Call toll-free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to 503-232-5303 or, even better, go to our online calendar and find a time and date that works for you.

Convenient Locations

We have offices in both NE Portland and just over the river in Vancouver, Washington. Both of these offices are available to serve the needs of people living in the Portland metropolitan area.


The Portland Bankruptcy Law Office is located on NE Alberta between 22nd Avenue and 23rd Avenue. The Portland Bankruptcy Law Office is on the second floor above Townsend’s tea shop.

Appointment Times

We offer appointments at our NE Portland office six days a week. We are located at the intersection of 23rd and NE Alberta in the Alberta Arts District of NE Portland.

  • FLEXIBLE PAYMENT PLANS Most Portland firms will tell you that they offer payment plans, but what they mean is that they will take money from you until your case is paid off and then file. That’s not a payment plan! We let you pay most of your attorney and filing fees after your case is filed in monthly installments.
  • FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION with an experienced Portland or Vancouver area bankruptcy lawyer – never a paralegal.
  • FREE CREDIT SCORE REPAIR We are likely the only firm in Portland, Oregon that provides its clients with the tools and materials they need to repair their credit scores after bankruptcy at no additional charge
  • FREE COLLECTION LETTER REVIEW to determine whether a case exists to sue the debt collectors under the powerful Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
  • ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRE We are one of very few firms offering you the ability to complete all your paperwork online: No filling out creditor addresses and accounts by hand because we download your credit report and no trips to the post office or to our office to drop off reams of paper because you can complete it all online on any computer.
  • COMPLETE COURT REPRESENTATION so you never walk into court alone.
  • FREE CREDIT REPORT UPDATING after your bankruptcy case is finished.
  • FREE LIFETIME SUPPORT for any issues arising from your case.
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