Most other Oregon and Washington bankruptcy firms charge an all-inclusive flat fee that covers work done before filing and after. However, at Northwest Debt Relief, we always make arrangements with our clients so that they can pay their fees in a more affordable way.

In an Oregon or Washington Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case, we offer our clients the option of either paying $1000.00 upfront or paying $500.00 prior to filing and then five monthly payments of $160.00, starting about two months after their cases are filed. Clients are also responsible for paying their filing fee to the court in the amount of $299.00, but we can file an application with the court that enables them to pay the filing fee a month or so after the case is filed. We do not start collecting $160.00 installment payments until our clients are done paying their filing fee to the court. There is no other Oregon or Washington Bankruptcy Firms offering its clients the option of getting their cases filed for only $500.00 down.

If our clients are filing a Chapter 13 case in the Vancouver, Washington area, the court sets the total for all work completed through confirmation at $3500. If our clients are filing a Chapter 13 case in Oregon, the court sets the total at $3250.

In both Oregon and Washington,  we collect all our fees after our clients’ cases are filed through their Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan payment and often at the expense of their creditors. Thus, our clients do not pay us anything directly.

In both Washington and Oregon Chapter 13 Bankruptcy cases, the courts will generally determine monthly payments based on the amount of disposable income that exists on a monthly basis  after all monthly  expenses(not including debts like credit cards or student loans which no longer have to be paid after a case is filed)  are subtracted from net income. We are paid out of that monthly payment. The only thing our clients have to pay prior to getting their cases filed is the $274 filing fee required by the courts.

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