In Powder Springs, Ga., today, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama will propose “changing bankruptcy laws to ‘fast-track’ the process for military families, help seniors keep their homes, and protect people recovering from natural disasters,” the Associated Press writes.  Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton has sent reporters this summary of what his boss will be suggesting:  • Reform bankruptcy laws to protect families facing a medical crisis. Half of all personal bankruptcies today are caused in part by medical expenses. That will change when Obama is president. If you can demonstrate that you went bankrupt because of medical expenses, you’ll be able to relieve that debt and get back on your feet.   • Support older Americans facing financial hardship. Obama will help our seniors who fall into bankruptcy keep more of the value of their homes by increasing the homestead exemption to the median value of a home in their state.   • Help victims of natural disasters recover financially. Obama will help families who are recovering from a natural disaster by streamlining the bankruptcy process for them and enacting a temporary moratorium so that these families don’t have to worry about collectors at a time when they’re just trying to rebuild their lives.   • Protect military service members and their families. If you’re protecting America, America should be protecting you from unfair bankruptcy laws. That’s why Obama will create a “fast-track” bankruptcy process for military families, simplifying the steps and offering greater safeguards.   • Enact a comprehensive consumer protection agenda. In November, Obama proposed a plan to help families who are mired in debt, including greater transparency in credit card lending and a Credit Card Bill of Rights that will protect consumers at a time when more and more are depending on credit cards to cope with rising prices.