Being in debt is always a vulnerable feeling. It’s as if your life belongs to someone else, and peace of mind becomes a luxury in those circumstances. Debt collectors seem to follow you everywhere.

But there’s one place that feels sacred. No one wants to go to a hospital, and the events that lead up to an emergency room visit are already traumatic enough. Recently, though, debt collectors have dressed as hospital employees and asked patients for payment while they are still undergoing treatment. It’s an alarming trend, and another reminder of how important it is to protect yourself from sinking into overwhelming debt.

What exactly is happening?

According to the United States Department of Justice, Minnesota debt collection agency Accretive Health is among those getting aggressive in their tactics. Several reports have surfaced implicating employees of approaching patients either in their hospital beds or in the emergency rooms prior to treatment.

Those experiencing this encounters are, perhaps understandably, quite upset and shocked. At an already precarious moment, they are being asked to open their wallets and make a major financial decision.

And it’s not just the uninsured. Insured individuals with high deductibles are also at risk for falling into the trap of medical debt. No one is safe, so to speak, either from unfortunate medical circumstances or from the financial fallout that ensues.

What can I do?

These are daunting circumstances, but luckily there are people on the side of the patient. Firms like ours are committed to helping those who have found themselves drowning in medical debt. We can help you find solutions and avoid that unpleasant encountered during your next trip to the hospital.

When you are injured or ill, there should only be one thing coming to mind – healing. Unfortunately, under the weight of tremendous medical costs, many patients fear the subsequent debt almost as much as they fear the illness itself. We can help get your priorities back on track and lend you some much needed peace of mind.

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