Judge Albert E. Radcliffe

//Judge Albert E. Radcliffe

Judge Albert E. Radcliffe

Longtime Oregon Bankruptcy Judge Albert E. Radcliffe died recently at the age of 63. Judge Radcliffe had served as an Oregon bankruptcy judge for more than a quarter of a century.

Judge Radcliffe served as chief bankruptcy judge for Oregon from 1999 to 2005 and, at various points, as a judge on the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel, as a visiting judge serving districts in both Washington and California and as Chair of the Ninth Circuit Conference of Chief Bankruptcy Judges.

In the wake of Judge Radcliffe’s passing, judicial resources for the District of Oregon will likely be stretched to their limit: For at least the next ten to fourteen months, four bankruptcy judges will be handling a caseload normally handled by five. Given that bankruptcy filings have steadily increased over the last few years as the economy has declined, everyone hopes that another judge will be appointed as quickly as possible.


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