In most cases the court will order your employer to forward your required payments directly from your paycheck to the Trustee’s bank which is located in Memphis, Tennessee. Because it often takes a few weeks for that paycheck deduction to take effect, you will need to make sure those payments are made directly to the Trustee’s bank until your employer starts deducting them.  

The Chapter 13 Trustee will give you a number of address stickers at your hearing for you to use to insure that any payments you make on your own reach the bank correctly. Be sure to keep an eye on your pay-stubs. If there is a delay in getting the pay roll deduction started or if your employer for whatever reason does not deduct a payment, you need to make it directly to the Trustee until the paycheck deduction takes effect or is corrected. The amount of your payment may change, so be sure to check your individual plan so that you are prepared for any payment changes.

If you have to make any plan payments directly to the Trustee’s bank, please note the following: The trustee’s bank will not accept personal checks or cash! If you have to pay directly, the Trustee’ bank can only accept Money Orders or Cashiers Checks, which must include the following information:

1.)      Your NAME;

2.)   Your ADDRESS; and

3.)   Your CHAPTER 13 CASE NUMBER (on the front of this book).

Please make all direct payments payable to: Brian Lynch, Trustee.  Mail them to: Brian Lynch, Trustee P.O. Box 420 Memphis, Tennessee 38101-0420 Remember: The Trustee will not send you or your employer a monthly reminder. It is up to you to make sure your payments are getting to the Trustee on time.

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