Filing for bankruptcy can be an overwhelming process. Besides the costs, dozens of pages of paperwork add insult to injury. The attorneys at Northwest Bankruptcy want to make the process as easy and quick as possible so we eliminated the paperwork. Rather than filing documents by hand, filling in addresses and account numbers several times over, we’ve created a simplified online questionnaire. Filing online offers a multitude of benefits over a paper process. Besides being easier and more discreet, it can also lead to more consistency and fewer errors.

When you file by hand, several factors can interfere with clarity. Errors in handwriting, translating handwriting, and increased processing time make the process longer and more drawn-out than it needs to be. Filing online alleviates these problems and allows an attorney to easily review your information.

Private, No-Hassle Filing

Without the stack of papers, the process is extremely discreet; your information is always secure and protected. Since you can access your questionnaire from any device with Internet access, you always have your vital information at your fingertips.

The paper filing process can be extremely drawn out. Once you’ve filled in your paperwork, you must hand everything to a typist who transcribes the document in its entirety. Then, you can make the appointment to get your case filed. With online filing, all you have to do is press “send.”

Personalized Access

Setting up an account is as easy as 1-2-3. The online filing process is faster and more accurate. It allows you to instantly collaborate with an attorney when answering important questions. At any time, an attorney (not a paralegal) can review your documents to ensure everything is progressing. When the information is accurate and fast, you run less of a risk of having wages garnished or bank accounts levied. Contact Northwest Bankruptcy today to find out more information on online filing.