Until recently Oregon filers could depend on their state bankruptcy exemptions to protect up to $3000 in household goods. Truthfully protection of household goods does not come up all that often in bankruptcy proceedings. After all, once you buy something and take it home, the resale value is usually pennies on the dollar. That said, many Oregon filers genuinely worried that the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee might come to their home, inspect their furniture, the contents of their garage, the kids’ toys, etc. and opt to sell off some of the filers’ treasured family heirlooms.

With the recent adoption of the federal exemptions, prospective Oregon bankruptcy filers can now breathe a sigh of relief. The protection for household goods has been increased from $3000 to $11,525. In addition, the wildcard and homestead exemptions can now be applied as well to protect another $11,000 in household goods for single filers and another $22,000 for married filers.

What this means is that your stuff is now protected. You keep it all.