I am pleased to report that in addition to meeting with you at one of our five offices, we can now conduct an initial bankruptcy face-to-face consultation with you at your home or office.

No need to worry, we aren’t really coming over, but what we can do is conduct a face-to-face consultation online. All you need is a reliable online connection and some time to talk. No need to get a sitter, or carve out your whole lunch break from work, or find a time where you and your spouse can somehow both drive down to one of our offices for the first time.

Why are we offering this feature? Studies have shown pretty clearly that the three greatest obstacles to obtaining legal services are money, time and distance. We took care of the money problem years ago by offering manageable payment plans that enable you to pay most of your attorney and court fees after your case is filed. After money, the remaining obstacles were distance and time and time

All too often clients come to us long after they should have. The reality is that coming to see a bankruptcy lawyer is often “something that I need to do, just not this week.” I don’t think I really got this until I got married and had a kid. The reality is that with dueling jobs and child-care concerns, getting my wife and me in the same place to meet with an attorney would not be easy.

An online consultation, face to face with one of our attorneys, takes care of that problem. By bringing the consultation to your living room or your desk, the last remaining obstacles to getting help are removed. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with connecting on the phone, but if what you want is an actual meeting, face-to-face, with an attorney to discuss your situation at length, we want to make sure that you get that opportunity.

If you would prefer a face to face consultation online rather than at one of our offices or via phone, just contact our office and let them know, we would be more than happy to set it up.

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