You must not miss any payments to the Portland Chapter 13 Trustee unless it is permitted by the bankruptcy judge. When you file your Chapter 13, your creditors are prohibited from taking any action against you. In exchange for that protection, you must complete all your obligations under the plan.

Your principal obligation is making your payments to the Portland Chapter 13 Trustee on time. If you want your Chapter 13 to be successful, you cannot have your employer cease making the automatic payroll deductions. If you do miss payments, the Portland Chapter 13 Trustee cannot pay your creditors as required by your plan and the Trustee is obligated to file a request for dismissal with the Bankruptcy Court. If your case is dismissed, your creditors will be quickly notified. Once they are notified, they will likely commence collection efforts against you.

If you do have a change in your circumstances such as an unforeseen emergency, you should notify your attorney at once. Your attorney can re-evaluate your financial situation and, where appropriate, modify your Chapter 13 plan to reflect the different circumstances. This process can take several weeks, so be sure to contact your attorney as soon as you foresee any problem making your payments.  

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