Salem Bankruptcy LawyerOnce you a case is filed, the first question most of our clients have is when where is their Meeting of the Creditors is going to be held. 

In terms of the when, we will let you know after the case is filed. If you forget, the Court itself will mail you a notice setting the date, time and place of your hearing. Unfortunately, while this notice looks extremely official and is not the sort of thing that you would blithely throw away, it is an extremely thin notice, carried in a tissue thin envelope and is just the sort of thing that can get stuck to your junk mail and thrown out.

If you don’t know when your hearing is going to be and it has been two weeks since you came in to sign your bankruptcy petition, please call us so that we can get you the time and date.

In terms of the hearing location, Our Salem, Oregon bankruptcy clients have it kind of easy because both the Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 341 hearings are held at the Red Lion Hotel on Market. 

Salem Bankruptcy AttorneyFrankly I wish all the hearings in Oregon and Washington were held in hotels because people would never have to struggle to find them. For example, in Portland, the Chapter 7 341 hearings are held at the Gus Solomon Courthouse. Who knows where that is? It’s not the county courthouse on Fourth Avenue. No, that would be too easy. It’s a non-functioning Courthouse on Broadway cary-corner from the Schnitzel Auditorium.  Anyway back to the Red Lion. 

If you do live in Marion County and you have filed bankruptcy, your hearing will be at the Red Lion Hotel at 3301 Market Street NE. Hearings are conducted on the first floor. The Hotel is locate right off I-5

Coming from I-5 South (Portland)

Take Interstate 5 to Exit #256

Turn right at the bottom of the exit

Turn west on Market Street

The hotel is located on the right hand side, approximately 1 block away

Coming from I-5 North 

Take Interstate 5 to Exit #256

Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Fairgrounds/Amphitheatre

Slight left onto OR-213 S/Market St NE

The hotel is located on the right hand side, roughly 1 block away

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