Courts have largely rejected a restrictive definition of the term debt allowing coverage of a broad spectrum of “consumer debts” beyond what you might normally expect including such diverse obligation as rent, student loans, utility and insurance bills,condo and attorney fees, judgements, debts already discharged in bankruptcy, car rental agreements and even campground memberships.

Some debts are just not debts for FDCPA purposes including some debts that you might expect to be covered such as taxes, shoplifting civil claims, fines, license fees, car accidents and child support. If a collector is harassing you for any of these non-FDCPA debts, relief still might be found under either Washington or Oregon state collection laws or under the Bankruptcy code, but you cannot seek assistance under the FDCPA

If you are getting harassed by any creditor or collector give us a call today. We can discuss your situation over the phone or, even better, set up an appointment for you to come in either of our Washington offices in Seattle or Vancouver or one of our Oregon offices in Salem or Portland. We will look forward to hearing from you.

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