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Suing Debt Collectors

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Debt Buyers and Oregon and Washington Consumers

As many consumers in Oregon and Washington are now painfully aware, debt buyers often purchase severely flawed claims. The FTC has determined that the information that debt buyers receive when they purchase debts, which is the only information they have to rely on in collecting, is often woefully inadequate. This often results in debt buyers [...]


Debtors' Rights – What Creditors Can NOT Do to Collect a Debt

If you owe money to any company or organization, you – as the debtor – have rights, and the creditor must follow specific rules in order to legally collect the monies owed. Specifically, creditors must abide by the terms of Oregon's Unlawful Debt Collection Practices Act and the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act; failure [...]


Work and Debt Collectors: What’s Okay and What’s Not

We’ve talked a lot in past posts about certain not-okay behaviors by creditors looking to collect. One of the major assets they utilize is embarrassment; they know the nature of human curiosity, and they’re often not afraid to capitalize on it. While this is annoying and stressful at home, it can be even worse at [...]


When Debt Collectors Attack: Calling Neighbors and Friends Edition

Debt collectors can be pretty aggressive when they’re in pursuit. In past blogs, we’ve discussed several practices that have been specifically banned by consumer protection legislation. In many cases, the law is on your side. One of the most sneaky ways a collector gets to a debtor is through an acquaintance. It’s a tactic that [...]


Avoiding Predatory Lenders (Pt. 2)

Predatory lending is an unfortunate reality. These lenders count on the ignorance and naïveté of consumers, constantly looking for ways to make your money their money. Don’t let it happen. The first step toward protecting yourself and your family is to know a predatory lender when you see one. Here are a few signs [...]


How to Deal with your Debt Collectors

They’re scarier than slasher flicks and more mysterious than extraterrestrial life. They come through our phone lines, disembodied and humorless, carrying only daunting news about our finances. They’re debt collectors. But the best way to deal with your debt collectors is to know their secrets. It’s like a strategic game of poker; it’s essential [...]


Debt Collectors: How They Find You

Creditors can be almost mob-like in the way that the track down a debtor. Particularly in a digital culture, people are easy to track and available through multiple methods of contact. We’ll tell you how they find you. What you say when they do is up to you. Credit Card Applications This is one [...]


A Win-Win Bankruptcy Reform – By Rich Leonard

A Win-Win Bankruptcy Reform By Rich Leonard  I watched a middle-aged widow lose her home recently. Her story was familiar. She owned her simple brick residence outright until four years ago, when a mortgage broker stopped by and offered her a loan too good to be true. In exchange for taking on a modest monthly payment, [...]