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How to Fight a Bank Levy in Tacoma

3 ways to fight a creditor’s bank levy in Tacoma So, you recently received a notice from your bank that some collection agency has filed a levy on your bank account. What you may not know is that a creditor cannot levy your bank account without a court order or judgment against you and that [...]


What Happens When You Ignore Debt Collectors in Oregon

Do not ignore your debts–even if you think they are gone or “charged off”. This article shows a prime reason why you should explore all options to resolve your debts.   Whether through bankruptcy or otherwise, it is important to do so even if you think the debts are gone. Judgment Creditors Can Seize Your [...]


FDCPA, Bankruptcy and the Oregon Consumer

Many of the Oregonians who come to us to file bankruptcy have been harassed by debt collectors for year. A significant portion of them are unaware that not only is there a mechanism for stopping many of those debt collectors in their tracks, but there is also a chance for a significant recovery for [...]



I am happy to report that on October 6, 2017, Oregonians who are victimized by debt collectors with mystery lawsuits achieved a substantial victory. House Bill 2356 which was signed into law this summer became effective. This new law enacts requirements on debt collectors who sue debtors in Oregon County courts.  Specifically the law calls [...]


Technology and the Debt Collection Industry

In the last ten years, new technologies have revolutionized the debt collection industry, broadening the cope of operations from local and regional to national, and sometimes even to international. Technological innovation has facilitated the creation of very large, full-service debt collection operations, while simultaneously enabling smaller, niche-focused collection to become profitable. Automated dialing and interactive [...]


Oregon and Washington Debt Collection Process

For many of our Oregon and Washington clients, the debt collection process is a bit of a mystery. What does a charge off mean? How are these collection companies getting paid? Is that a law firm or a company that is after me now? The information below might help you figure that out. More that [...]


Fair Debt Buyers Practices Act Passes California Assembly so What About Oregon and Washington?

The California Assembly recently passed legislation creating significant new consumer protections against unfair debt collection practices. Specifically, the Fair Debt Buyers Practices Act requires debt buyers to substantiate the validity of a debt before they attempt to collect and requires that they direct their collection efforts at the proper debtor for the right amount. One hopes [...]


Judgement Debtor Examinations in Washington and Oregon

After a collector obtains a judgement against you, the collector can obtain an order that requires you to appear in court to answer questions about your income and assets in order to determine whether there a. Note: If you file bankruptcy prior to the date of the judgement debtor exam, you will not need to [...]


Dealing with Identity Theft in Washington or Oregon

Identity theft is an ever-growing issue in both Oregon and Washington, causing problmes with debt collectors and on credit reports. The criminals stealing your identity often open credit cards in your name and rack up massive charges, torching your credit score and barring your from making much needed future purchases . Bad credit scores can [...]