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Can Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Help with Income Tax Debt?

Discharge Your Other Debts So You Can Pay Your Taxes Ask yourself this one crucial question: if you filed a Chapter 7 case and discharged all or most of your non-tax debts, would that leave you with enough monthly cash flow to enable you to reliably make large enough monthly payments to the IRS/state on [...]


Should Divorcing Spouses File a Chapter 7 Together?

Divorcing Spouses File a Chapter 7? A “joint case” is one filed “by an individual… and such individual’s spouse.” “Spouse” is not defined in the Bankruptcy Code, but presumably refers to someone who is legally married to the “individual.” So, if you and your spouse are contemplating divorce, you CAN file a Chapter 7 [...]


Overview of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Oregon and Washington

Sometimes it's helpful to have kind of a global or overhead view of a process before drilling down in into the particulars. What follows is a view of Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Oregon and Washington from 30,000 feet up. I mean that both figuratively and literally as I am writing this 30,000 feet above eastern [...]


United States Trustee Ends Random Audits For Oregon and Washington Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Cases

Due to severe budgetary constraints, the United States Trustee is no longer designating bankruptcy cases for random audits. Bankruptcy attorneys across both Oregon and Washington who had to cope with the burdensome audit requirements aslong with their clients are now breathing a heavy sigh of relief Ever since the enactment of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention [...]


Protecting Your Tax Refund in a Washington Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

In the first few months of any given tax year, families across Washington eagerly wait for their tax refund checks to come back in the mail. For many Washington families, the whole refund process is really used as a savings device to get the money together to cover large out of pocket expenses that cannot [...]


Oregon Bankruptcy and Keeping Tax Refunds

This is the time of year when families across both Oregon and Washington are eagerly awaiting tax refunds. It is also a time when many of these same families are considering seeking the protection of the Bankruptcy Court. Unfortunately these goals, keeping the refund and getting bankruptcy protection, are often at odds in the state [...]


Considering Personal Bankruptcy? Not all Debts are Forgiven

One of the most common myths about bankruptcy is that all of your debts will be forgiven. First, it depends what type of bankruptcy you file for. Chapter 13 bankruptcy creates a payment plan that allows people who file to pay off most of their debts. It is appropriate for people who fail the means [...]


What you need to know about Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy helps businesses or individuals that can no longer handle the scope of his/her/its debts. What follows is a series of legal processes designed to pursue practical solutions for both the debtor and any involved creditors. One of these is Chapter 7, the liquidation of any nonexempt property. After liquidation, assets are distributed [...]


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