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Student Loan Debt and Bankruptcy

Congratulations on finishing your degree! Time to start “adulting” and begin it by paying your bills. One of the first bills you need to settle is your student loan, but where do you start? Student debt is a burden not just for young Americans but for the American economy as a whole. It has [...]


Co-Signing Private Student Loans

We get it. You want to Co-Signing Private Student Loans or feel like you should anyway. After all, you want to help anyone in your family get an education and it’s just co-signing. If they make all the payments, everything will be fine. The reality is that co-signing these loans can put you in [...]


Student Loan Debt Collectors Denied

Good riddance to several debt collectors that seemed hellbent on sending all Oregon student loan debtors into bankruptcy. Pioneer Credit Recovery, Enterprise Recovery Systems, National Recoveries, and Coast Professional had all sued earlier this year once the Education Department said it would no longer send them any more accounts under their current contracts. A federal judge [...]


Student Loan Bankruptcy Relief Coming to Oregon?!

President Obama signed an executive action on Tuesday that would make it easier for Oregon bankruptcy filers to discharge certain kinds of student loans. As any would be Oregon bankruptcy filer knows, student loan debt is extremely difficult to eliminate now. The most common path to discharge now requires a showing of undue hardship which [...]


Good News for Oregon Student Loan Debtors

Oregon student loan debtors breathed a sigh of relief this week when the Department of Education announced that it was finally firing five debt collection agencies that had been giving inaccurate information to student borrowers. I say finally firing these agencies because the department had been under fire for years for its partnership with these [...]


New Guide to Student Loan Law for Bankruptcy Clients

Recently I noted on our Oregon bankruptcy blog that our firm has expanded our debt law practice areas  to include student loan law. As part of that process, I have just completed a thirty page guide on student loan law for Oregon and Washington debtors. I am obviously happy to send on a free copy [...]


Oregon Student Loan Attorney

Our law firm will soon be expanding the scope of our practice  to include representing Oregon  and Washington debtors with respect to their student loan issues. Since most consumers in the pacific northwest have never even heard of student loan law, I thought I would take this opportunity to describe many of the services that [...]


Student Loans and Bankruptcy

Setting aside the issue of actually discharging student loan debts in bankruptcy, many Oregon and Washington prospective bankruptcy filers wonder what exactly is going to happen to their student loans after the bankruptcy has been filed. The answer really depends on what kind of bankruptcy has been filed and the form of the student loan. If [...]


Hope for Student Loan Borrowers and Bankruptcy

Authors of a recent Student Loan Study have concluded that Congress should create new classifications for both federal and private student loans and make some of them dischargeable in bankruptcy. Under current law, as any Washington or Oregon debtor can tell you , student loans are almost always impossible to discharge in bankruptcy. The report [...]


School Loans and Bankruptcy Discharge

Proponents of relief for student loan borrowers in bankruptcy had reason to cheer this month in both Washington and Oregon. Student loan obligations are presumptively non-dischargeable in bankruptcy absent a showing of “undue hardship.” 11 U.S.C. § 523(a)(8). To determine if a debtor has shown undue hardship, courts follow the three-part test from Brunner. See [...]