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Getting Ready for an Oregon 341 Meeting of Creditors

Here's what you need to know Who must attend? The Trustee, you, and one of our attorneys. The Trustee is the person who runs the hearing and asks you questions. Who gets invited? All the creditors listed in your bankruptcy schedules get a notice in the mail. Many times none of the creditors show up. [...]


Oregon 341 Bankruptcy Hearing

Whether Your Bankruptcy was filed in Portland or Eugene, there is no need to be nervous about your 341 hearing. In our next blog article, we will discuss exactly what you need to bring to the hearing and the kind of questions that you are likely to encounter. Remember to bring your photo identification and [...]


Describe My Portland Chapter 13 Meeting of the Creditors

In Portland, at the meeting of creditors, you will first hand over your proof of social security number and your photo identification to the trustee who will briefly swear you in, asking for your name and address for the record. You will then sit down at a table with your attorney seated to your left [...]


Creditors Showing Up at My Hearing?

In both Oregon and Washington, clients are always at least a little bit nervous regarding the one hearing that they have to attend while their bankruptcy case is pending. That hearing, commonly known as the 341 hearing or meeting of the creditors, generally takes place a month after the case is filed. Often clients lose [...]


Salem, Oregon Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Creditors Meeting

People are often anxious about their upcoming Salem, Oregon Chapter 13 Creditors Meeting. The real underlying cause of this nervousness stems from not knowing what to expect.You will want to verify the address of where the hearing is held and understand directions before your hearing date. If you live in the Salem, Oregon metro area, [...]


The Vancouver, Washington Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Creditors Meeting

People are often nervous about the Vancouver, Washington Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Meeting of the Creditors. The real source of this anxiety is that they have no idea what to expect. In Washington, each Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Petition Filer must attend the Meeting of the Creditors or their bankruptcy will be dismissed.  You will want to [...]


Your Portland Oregon Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Creditors Meeting

Many debtors are apprehensive about the first meeting of creditors and do not really understand what it is. This article will briefly explain what happens and what is expected of you. In Oregon, each bankruptcy petition signer must attend or the chapter 13 bankruptcy will be dismissed.  You will want to verify the address of [...]


Where in Vancouver are the Chapter 13 Creditors Meetings?

In Vancouver, Washington, the Chapter 13 Creditors Meetings(also commonly referred to as Chapter 13 341 Meetings) are all held on the second floor of the Federal Building at 500 West 12th Street, Vancouver, Washington 98660.On-steet metered paking is readily available, but the parking lot in front of the building is for federal employees only. [...]


What if I Miss the Portland Chapter 13 Creditors Meeting?

If you miss the Chapter 13 Creditors Meeting in Portland, you should immediately contact your Bankruptcy attorney. Depending on the circumstances, your Bankruptcy Attorney may be able to file a Motion to Adjourn the Creditors Meeting in order to reschedule the meeting. If the motion is denied, you can refile your bankruptcy case. The Northwest Debt [...]


Where is the Portland Chapter 13 Creditors Meeting Held?

The Chapter 13 Meeting of the Creditors is held at the Wells Fargo Tower at the Chapter 13 Trustee's Office, 1300 S.W. Fifth Avenue, Suite 1700, Portland, Oregon 97201. Finding parking on the Street for your hearing may be difficult. Paid Parking is of course plentiful and can even be found under the building for [...]