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Tacoma bankruptcy process

What is the Tacoma bankruptcy process In Tacoma, bankruptcy attorneys are frequently asked about the bankruptcy process and bankruptcy forms. What steps are involved in filing bankruptcy? How much does it cost to file bankruptcy? How long will the bankruptcy take? The answer is, it depends on your situation. The fastest way to get [...]


Household Size on Bankruptcy Means Test

The quickest and easiest way to understand why you care about “household size” is to think about the Means Test as a budget.  With the Means Test, the larger the “household size” the greater the amount of money you can set aside for living expenses.  The more you get for living expenses, the less you [...]


The Bankruptcy Means Test and VA Disability

I am officially annoyed this afternoon. Trying to run my client's household income numbers through the Means Test and seeing him fail due to the cumulative amount of both his household income and military disability. I am annoyed because if he were receiving plain old social security disability, he would pass the means test with [...]


Means Test Good News for Oregon Bankruptcy Filers

Prospective Chapter 7 Bankruptcy all across the state of Oregon should be cheered by the news that it is now going to be a little bit easier to qualify. The US Trustee recently divulged that the median income in Oregon for purposes of the means test have been adjusted upwards for most families Here you [...]


Refiling a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case in Oregon or Washington

Refiling a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case in Oregon or Washington After a Failed Means Test In both Oregon and Washington, there are normally penalties for filing subsequent bankruptcy cases within one year after a prior case has been dismissed. The main penalty is that the automatic stay, which bars creditors from initiating or continuing [...]


What is the Means Test?

 As part of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005, a "means test" has been instituted to determine whether or not a debtor is entitled to a Chapter 7 discharge, or whether such debtor must convert the case to one under another chapter of the Bankruptcy Code. The basic purpose of [...]