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Filing Bankruptcy: Advantages and Disadvantages

A bankruptcy filing is a legal process that enables debtors to overcome financial problems and deal with their burdening amount of loans and debt. A bankruptcy petition may also help an individual have a fresh start at life. There are, however, certain things you need to consider before declaring bankruptcy:         [...]


What Do Bankruptcy Discharges Mean?

While every Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy case ends with a bankruptcy discharge, not all kinds of debt may end up in bankruptcy discharges. Knowing ahead of time which debts the court may or may not be discharged can help you avoid a major disappointment and prepare for what’s to come. This article discusses [...]


Things You Should Know Before Filing for Bankruptcy

Not a lot of people are familiar with the bankruptcy process, more so how to file bankruptcy forms. Bankruptcies allow individuals to repay their debts in a relatively less stressful manner. Bankruptcy filing starts when debtors file a petition in court. There are several types of bankruptcy. The circumstances, resources, and goals of the [...]


How to Stop Wage Garnishment

If you’re dealing with debt, chances are your wages are being garnished to pay off a portion of what you owe. Wage garnishments can be overwhelming, especially when going through financial hardship. Read on to learn how to stop wage garnishments through the debt relief options available to you. What is a wage garnishment? [...]


Questions to Ask About Filing Bankruptcy

A bankruptcy filing is a legal procedure that can reduce, reorganize, or wipe-out your debts. Some people attempt to file for insolvency on their own. However, getting the service of a bankruptcy attorney will allow you to file for bankruptcy minus the stress. It would help you enjoy bankruptcy protection through the automatic stay. [...]


Tired of Debt Collection Calls? Here’s What You Can Do

Have you been on the receiving end of collection calls or collection letters due to delinquent debt payments? It is stressful enough to be dealing with debt. However, constantly hearing from your debt collection agency can also be both tiring and intimidating. If you’re a borrower who is guilty of having past-due bills, you [...]


Average Bankruptcy Filing Costs for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13

Filing bankruptcy is the debt relief option for debtors who are struggling with debt, but bankruptcy filings have their costs. Since you’re already tight on money when you file for bankruptcy, it’s important to have an estimate of how much you’ll need to pay in the two types of bankruptcy, which are Chapter 7 [...]


Consumer Bankruptcy: Types of Bankruptcies

Deciding to file for bankruptcy is one thing, but knowing which types of bankruptcies to file is another. Individuals who are struggling with debt can avail of the different types of bankruptcies to eliminate or restructure their debts, but it’s important to know how your circumstances affect your bankruptcy filing. This article discusses the [...]


Declaring Bankruptcy: Looking into Your Options

Bankruptcy laws provide specific information on the different types of bankruptcy. Among others, there is personal bankruptcy, consumer bankruptcy, and business bankruptcy. If you find yourself having trouble with debt-settlement or if you know you won't be able to repay a creditor with what you owe, you may want to file for bankruptcy. People [...]


Can You File Another Bankruptcy After a Court Discharge?

Did you know that it’s possible to file bankruptcy more than once? For former debtors, a bankruptcy petition paves the way for a fresh start and a bright financial future. However, an unexpected turn of events such as sudden illness in the family, loss of income, or closure of business can spark another round [...]