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Consumer Bankruptcy: Types of Bankruptcies

Deciding to file for bankruptcy is one thing, but knowing which types of bankruptcies to file is another. Individuals who are struggling with debt can avail of the different types of bankruptcies to eliminate or restructure their debts, but it’s important to know how your circumstances affect your bankruptcy filing. This article discusses the [...]


Declaring Bankruptcy: Looking into Your Options

Bankruptcy laws provide specific information on the different types of bankruptcy. Among others, there is personal bankruptcy, consumer bankruptcy, and business bankruptcy. If you find yourself having trouble with debt-settlement or if you know you won't be able to repay a creditor with what you owe, you may want to file for bankruptcy. People [...]


Can You File Another Bankruptcy After a Court Discharge?

Did you know that it’s possible to file bankruptcy more than once? For former debtors, a bankruptcy petition paves the way for a fresh start and a bright financial future. However, an unexpected turn of events such as sudden illness in the family, loss of income, or closure of business can spark another round [...]


What You Need to Know About Bankruptcy Before the Creditors Meeting

Are you considering filing bankruptcy under Chapter 7? Straight bankruptcy, also known as liquidation bankruptcy, is a bankruptcy case wherein the court wipes out most of your debts. A bankruptcy filing is a straightforward process that takes about four to six months. Here’s an overview of things you need to consider regarding qualifications, proceedings, [...]


Am I A Good Candidate for Bankruptcy?

Deciding on whether or not you should file for bankruptcy is a tough call. Some may even tell you to declare bankruptcy only as a last resort. But before giving in to the stigma, consider all possible angles in approaching your financial issues.  The main reason why bankruptcy laws were even created was to [...]


How Bankruptcy Works

The bankruptcy process involves a set of federal laws designed to help individual and business debtors who cannot pay what they owe. All 94 federal judicial districts handle bankruptcies. Bankruptcy filings are done with the bankruptcy court in almost all of them. Federal bankruptcy courts have jurisdiction over bankruptcy cases, so they cannot be [...]


Should You File Bankruptcy? Assessing Your Financial Situation

Should I file for bankruptcy? This is one of the most asked questions among people in financial distress who owe more than what they can pay. If you are in the same situation, don’t consider filing bankruptcy as a dangerous option. In fact, a bankruptcy petition may give you the faster route to debt [...]


Weighing the Costs of Filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

For debtors with high amounts of unpaid loans, paying off creditors using their savings is not the only option. In fact, borrowers who own valuable and nonexempt property may choose to file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. However, choosing this type of bankruptcy involves weighing both the financial and indirect costs on the part [...]


Bankruptcy Alternative

If you’re facing serious financial problems, you may be considering filing for bankruptcy. In many cases, bankruptcies were an apt solution for people who have been struggling financially. While filing bankruptcy is often the last resort for debtors, it’s also possible that they may not realize what alternatives there are. Indeed, there are less [...]


Federal Bankruptcy Exemptions in Oregon

When financial problems become severe, declaring bankruptcy is the common solution. People in debt may overcome their financial distress by taking advantage of bankruptcy protection. Not only do bankruptcies offer debt relief, but they also lead to a fresh start. If you want to declare bankruptcy, there are some necessary steps you need to [...]