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When Does My Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case End In Oregon?

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: A Bird’s Eye View  Chapter 7 bankruptcy gives you a "second chance" to get your finances under control by having a bankruptcy court legally discharge (or wiped out in friendly lingo) most of your unsecured debt, such as credit card debt, hospital bills, as well as personal loans. Rarely does it [...]


Bankruptcy Cases: Dismissed Without Prejudice?

Terminology like "dismissal without prejudice" is used in the legal industry, and it has significant implications when it comes to a bankruptcy filing. While having your bankruptcy case dismissed might be upsetting, a dismissal without prejudice is preferable to one with prejudice. The debtor is free to file for bankruptcy once more at any [...]


What Happens When You File For Bankruptcy In Oregon?

Filing bankruptcy is often seen as a last resort for people experiencing financial difficulties. Declaring bankruptcy may provide you with an opportunity to get your finances in order, and potentially even a clean slate—but it also has negative consequences that can impact your assets and make it hard to get approved for credit for [...]


Can You Lose an Automatic Stay for Repeat Bankruptcy Filings?

So, you’ve already filed for bankruptcy. With the automatic stay in effect, creditors, especially the abusive ones, wouldn’t be able to bug you. However, it’s inevitable to face renewed financial difficulties soon after emerging from bankruptcy. If you’re thinking of filing for a second time, you may want to learn about the governing rules [...]


What Type of Bankruptcy is Chapter 13?

What Does It Mean to File Bankruptcy Chapter 13? Because of unemployment, growing medical expenses, credit card debt, marital issues, or other reasons, many people are struggling financially. Regardless of the filing chapter, a bankruptcy filing will affect your credit score. It will stay on your credit report for several years and affect your [...]


Nonexempt Property In Bankruptcy: What Is It and What Can Be Done?

When faced with bankruptcy, we usually think of selling our possessions or having creditors seize them. Many fear this very notion since it always gives them thoughts of losing everything and I mean everything they worked so hard for. Of course, this won’t happen instantaneously. Creditors won’t just magically show up at your door [...]


Is Bankruptcy Chapter 7 or 13 a Better Choice?

Is it Better to File Bankruptcy Chapter 7 or Chapter 13? It is essential to keep in mind that different types of bankruptcy are suited for different filers, depending on their resources, obligations, and short- and long-term goals. Seeking legal advice early on is advisable as you look closely into your financial problems and [...]


Can I File A Chapter 7 After Chapter 13?

Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy are the most common types of bankruptcies. People file either of these depending on their financial condition and debts. After you have filed for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you may be able to convert your case into one that will result in a discharge of debt.  But can you [...]


What to Expect When You Meet Your Bankruptcy Lawyer

  Many Americans are in financial distress from the pandemic. If you feel overwhelmed by medical debt, credit card debt, student loans, or tax debt, you’re not alone. One of the best ways to obtain debt relief and reclaim your financial future is to file a bankruptcy. Now, you may be anxious about what should [...]


Bankruptcy Laws in Oregon

Bankruptcies are legal proceedings where the insolvent debtor is given financial freedom through a bankruptcy discharge, thereby granting the debtor a fresh start. In Oregon, declaring bankruptcy gives an automatic stay or bankruptcy protection so that the debtor is prevented from experiencing:ForeclosureWage GarnishmentCreditor HarassmentHarassment of Collection AgenciesRepossessionBankruptcy petitions also enable you to have your debts [...]