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What to Expect When You Meet Your Bankruptcy Lawyer

  Many Americans are in financial distress from the pandemic. If you feel overwhelmed by medical debt, credit card debt, student loans, or tax debt, you’re not alone. One of the best ways to obtain debt relief and reclaim your financial future is to file a bankruptcy. Now, you may be anxious about what should [...]


Bankruptcy Laws in Oregon

Bankruptcies are legal proceedings where the insolvent debtor is given financial freedom through a bankruptcy discharge, thereby granting the debtor a fresh start. In Oregon, declaring bankruptcy gives an automatic stay or bankruptcy protection so that the debtor is prevented from experiencing: Foreclosure Wage Garnishment Creditor Harassment Harassment of Collection Agencies Repossession Bankruptcy petitions [...]


What are Bankruptcy Exemptions in Portland?

Bankruptcy laws allow an individual to keep some of his personal property including clothes, cars, tools of the trade, and your bank account. If your properties are exempt, the trustee in bankruptcy will not be liquidating such property to pay off your creditors. Most exemptions will protect your property but only up to a [...]


What is a Dischargeable Debt in Oregon?

Dischargeable debts are debts that you owe which the Bankruptcy Code allows to be wiped out or erased. When you file for bankruptcy, you are immediately granted bankruptcy protection even if your debts are not eliminated yet. Filing in Oregon gives you protection from: Harassment from your creditors or debt collectors  Collection agencies  Stop [...]


Bankruptcy Filing in Oregon

Bankrupt individuals who are struggling financially aspire to pay off all types of debt to have a fresh start. Everyone wants to experience financial freedom and have a debt-free life. If you are unable to pay back your outstanding debts to creditors, you have the option to file bankruptcy as the last resort to [...]


A Guide on How to Buy a House After Bankruptcy

Do you ever wonder if you can still buy a home after bankruptcy? Yes, it is possible. Even after the bankruptcy discharge, you can still be entitled to buy a new house. You just have to rebuild your credit score first, then apply for a home mortgage at the right timing. Bankruptcy gives you [...]


Importance of Secured Debts in Oregon

If you experience financial problems that make you unable to pay the money that you owed to a creditor, declaring bankruptcy may be your last option to seek debt relief. Bankruptcy will allow you to reorganize your finances, pursue debt settlement, and pay off a creditor. Different types of bankruptcy will help you manage [...]


Bankruptcy Filing and Its Effect on Your Credit Report

All businesses have ups and downs. Business owners know that there are inevitable cases of financial struggles and monthly income losses. These kinds of unforeseen situations may lead to the inability to pay financial obligations. Thus, filing for bankruptcy might be your only option to solve this problem. This will allow you to pay [...]


Information You Need to Know About Bankruptcy Chapter 7

Filing bankruptcy is a great debt relief tool especially after suffering from financial problems and unmanageable debt. There are different types of bankruptcy, such as Bankruptcy Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13. This article will try to give you a quick overview of how much it will cost to file bankruptcy and how [...]


Advantages and Disadvantages of Filing Bankruptcy

Being overwhelmed with financial debt can sometimes lead you to choose bankruptcy as a last resort. It can be a great tool for debt relief, but filing for bankruptcy is a serious decision that you have to think through. The bankruptcy filing has certain advantages and disadvantages, and it is up to you to [...]