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How to Fight a Bank Levy in Tacoma

3 ways to fight a creditor’s bank levy in Tacoma So, you recently received a notice from your bank that some collection agency has filed a levy on your bank account. What you may not know is that a creditor cannot levy your bank account without a court order or judgment against you and that [...]


Credit Counseling In Tacoma

Credit Counseling vs. Bankruptcy in Tacoma We are frequently asked about credit counseling and debt consolidation services in Tacoma, Washington. Everyone considering filing bankruptcy in Tacoma wants to know if Chapter 7 bankruptcy or credit counseling has more of an impact on your credit and what are the pros and cons of each. Chapter [...]


When to Consider Bankruptcy Alternatives

Although filing for bankruptcy may be the best solution for you to get out of debt, stop creditors from harassing you, and prevent possible wage garnishment and foreclosure, exploring what bankruptcy alternatives are available is a good idea – especially before you let yourself slide further into debt. You may be able to resolve your [...]